Earplug and Play is a definitive resource for information on earplugs and choosing the best earplugs for you. I’ve designed this site for anybody looking or worried you might need earplugs whether you’re a musician, swimmer, have trouble sleeping or spend time where your ears are at risk.

Why Earplug and Play?

The most important thing for me is to inform you and to help you find the best earplugs for you. Earplug and Play is not a store, but a resource for learning about earplugs and keeping your ears healthy throughout life.

Earplug and play will help you prevent damage to your ears as easily and cost-effectively as I know how.

About the Author

Earplug and Play is run by me, Zach, a Seattle resident with a deep interest in caring for his ears. My interest in earplugs and ear health stems from many years of listening to loud music and attending loud concerts until I developed a persistent ringing in my ears. At one point after a particularly loud event, I noticed a significant deterioration which triggered a great deal of research on prevention and relief. Being a music enthusiast and audiophile, I immediately researched the symptom and have since been in tune to my surroundings to make sure I protect my ears.

Earplugs have become invaluable for me. I keep pairs at home and with me on the go because you never know when you’ll be in a situation where they’ll be of use. Now I give earplugs as gifts and help educate my friends because wearing earplugs and knowing how to protect your ears is important for good hearing throughout each of our lives.